Sept 2011 Tanjung Karang

Prince John Dive Resort +6245771710
Scubadiving the incredibly pristine house reef of the Prince John Dive Resort, a fantastic u/w wonderland consisting of huge fan corals, massive black corals, beautiful gorgonians, colourful sponges and impressive soft and hard corals, and my favourite spot: the 35-m deep Green Wall with its wide range of fish species, and again and again, the wreck of a wooden fishing boat at only 20 m depth, right in-front of the dive resort and only a convenient shore dive away; many thanks to passionate PADI IDC Staff Instructor Alex and to his team of experienced dive guides Nasrun, Basir, Gunawan and Amin for your wonderful and professional camaraderie.

reef fish, celebes sea, sulawesi, indonesia

lionfish, devil fire fish, celebes sea, sulawesi, indonesia

leopard moray eel, celebes sea, sulawesi, indonesia

lionfish, celebes sea, sulawesi, indonesia

scorpionfish, celebes sea, sulawesi, indonesia

house reef, celebes sea, sulawesi, indonesia

July 2011 Tioman Island

Eco Divers +60133687833
Diving at Soyak and Renggis island respectively, together with DM Florence from Eco Divers, unfortunately with poor visibility, and, later on, snorkelling extensively in the crystal-blue waters of the South China Sea off the rocky points north of Kampung Air Batang a.k.a. ABC.

Tioman, Malaysia, South China Sea, scuba diving,

Two-bar clownfish, anemonefish, south china sea, scuba diving, tropical waters, tioman island,

Tioman island, south china sea, tropical waters, scuba diving,

orange anemonefish, two-bar clownfish, tropical sea, scuba diving, tioman island, south china sea,

sunset, tioman island, abc, kampung air batang, south china sea,

March 2011 Andamans

Diving with Barefoot Scuba’s newly certified PADI instructor Martina, visiting three dive sites: Johnny’s Gorge, The Wall and Aquarium, and floating over desolate coral cemeteries in this previously pristine marine environment, witnessing at first hand the worst coral die-off that I have ever seen, driven by human-induced global warming and the second wave of El Nino (after 1998) and learning that the sea-surface temperature had risen by almost 5 degrees only ten months before (from a long-term average of 28°C to a peak of 33°C) which changed a once colourful u/w world into a monochromatic tristesse...

giant moray eel, andaman sea, india, el nino

goatfish, andaman sea, el nino, india, havelock

moorish idol, barrel sponge, andaman sea, india, havelock