March 2011 Andamans

Diving with Barefoot Scuba’s newly certified PADI instructor Martina, visiting three dive sites: Johnny’s Gorge, The Wall and Aquarium, and floating over desolate coral cemeteries in this previously pristine marine environment, witnessing at first hand the worst coral die-off that I have ever seen, driven by human-induced global warming and the second wave of El Nino (after 1998) and learning that the sea-surface temperature had risen by almost 5 degrees only ten months before (from a long-term average of 28°C to a peak of 33°C) which changed a once colourful u/w world into a monochromatic tristesse...

giant moray eel, andaman sea, india, el nino

goatfish, andaman sea, el nino, india, havelock

moorish idol, barrel sponge, andaman sea, india, havelock