April 2012 Pulau Weh

Rubiah Tirta Divers +626523324555
Scubadiving together with Pulau Weh’s very friendly and highly professional dive brethren Ismayudi, Iskandar and Isfan from PADI’s Rubiah Tirta Divers +626523324555 and exploring the exciting and well-preserved dive sites of Pulau Weh in the vicinity of both Rubiah Island and Seulako Island.

scorpionfish, pulau weh, indonesia, sumatera

powder-blue surgeonfish, pulau weh, indonesia, sumatera
leaf fish, sumatera, pulau weh, indonesia

starfish, indonesia, pulau weh, sumatera

cushion sea star, pulau weh, sumatera, indonesia

moss on sea turtle, Indonesia, Sumatera, pulau weh
Giant moray eel, sumatera, pulau weh, sabang
Scuba diver, Pulau Weh, Sabang, Indonesia

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